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Mr. Notice Collection Fashion Designer Interview

  Thank you for taking the time to speak with HangerWorthy. We appreciate your time and have been looking forward to this interview. We tend to begin at the start and work our way up to the present and future plans. When preparing for this interview we scrapped the original
Blog, Tell us your story

Tell us your story blog

  Tell us your story was created to serve as motivation to all the people out there who aspire to be the best at their craft. It’s an opportunity for people to read about others that have gone through the struggles of starting and have made their way to success.
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Interview with Bensouv Fashion Designer pt. 2

Now that we’ve covered the path that it took for you to get here. We would love to find out more about what you’re doing currently and what your future plans are as a Fashion designer. You’ve launched your own clothing line Bensouv. Congratulations on rolling out your line and
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Blackberry Vine brand speaks for the black community

  Today the Hangerworthy blog “Tell us your story” presents Blackberry Vine. A clothing line created to help speak for the black community. We reached out because we saw the positive message and effort and wanted to help promote it. Far too often people see someone/people making an effort for

The importance of knowing your measurements

The importance of knowing your measurements is underrated. There are so many fashionable and fashion conscious people out there that simply don’t know. It’s something that may take 15 minutes but puts you in line to take your wardrobe to a whole new level. You can go to a local