An introduction to the fashion designer Bensouv & his fashion line.

Today we interview a fashion designer that while young has accomplished so much in his time in the industry.
We will break this interview up into two parts. As it covers the path taken and lessons learned along the way. We want to highlight that for the fashion designers just starting out and or trying to put a plan together.
Here are just a few of the accomplishments of Soufyan Benrhziyel a name worth getting to know;
  • Jeans designer for Tommy Hilfiger
  • Has his own clothing line, The revival of the Italian mob.
  • Graduated Jean School 2015. College – Denim Design & Development Amsterdam, Netherlands. Started 2012 finished 2015.
  • Lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • In 2013 Bensouv was introduced as an upcoming new denim artist during an event organized in his name at one of the most exclusive clubs in Amsterdam; The Butcher
  • Levi’s were present during the degree presentation of the school’s first graduates and to judge their final graduation projects to award the top student with a unique prize: a week-long trip to Levi’s state of the art innovation lab in San Francisco, Eureka.
Here’s where you can find the Bensouv clothing line and more.
  • Website:
  • Instagram:
Now that we have covered the introduction. Let’s get into the interview.
Thank you for your time and allowing the opportunity to interview you for our publication.
Since you’re based out of the Netherlands. I’d like to start by familiarizing our readers with how you got started in the fashion industry. Specializing in denim. You currently work with Tommy Hilfiger as a jean designer.

What inspired you to get into the fashion industry?

Working part-time in retail stores made conscious about the big movement of clothes. After I started studying I’ve seen that fashion is more than a movement, it’s an extension of our lives. Everybody is buying into fashion, so it’s literally something that we can’t live without.

Who were your favorite designers?

I appreciate every designer, cause it’s coming from a personal vision and translation to the audience, there’s no wrong or good in this fact. My favorites would be Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto and Thinker Hatfield

Tell us about attending the Jean School in Netherlands. As one of their first graduating classes

what was it like to attend something so innovative?

It was a special course with amazing experiences. We met the greatest mills and companies around the world through fairs and shows organized by our board. We had the best collabs with big brands as Gstar, Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel. We had international internships and lots of inspiration trips. Shortly it was a great base to get from a school

You clearly excelled in your time with the Jean School. Winning the final graduation project award. In doing so you got to visit the United States and visiting the Levi’s innovation lab in San Francisco.

What if anything did you learn and take away from that trip that you still use today?

The open mind of not limiting denim design. Denim has always been seen as limited and in the Eureka I saw that they were working on the next generation denim, this is my drill and goal, to exceed the expectations from a pair of jeans.

It can be tough getting into the fashion industry. As hard as it can be, is one thing. Maintaining and having longevity is another.

What advice would you give aspiring fashion designers who are looking to get into the industry?

Be conscious that you need to adopt yourself to diversity and especially when you’re young you’re living another life than other colleagues do, this will be always your challenge to know how to adjust the way of working. A young designer needs to be more adult than other people from the same generation. You need to be flexible and accept that there will be people who support you but also people who are willing to take you down. The most important key element for a creative person is that you should always stay close to yourself and believe that what you can bring is yours and is unique in its own way and just be patience until you’ll get your chance to shine, after this happened you should not let it slip from your hands. Just like American football and running to the end zone.

What you tell yourself if you could go back to a younger version of yourself? If you could provide some advice and tips for the what to expect and how to prepare yourself?

I am too young to answer this question, ha-ha.

Tell us about becoming a jean designer for Tommy Hilfiger that’s a nice place to land. There are so many people out there that graduate but struggle to find a place where they can continue to learn and gain experience.

How has it been working for a well-known brand?

It feels great, it’s like waking up and its Christmas. For me it’s an honor and a gift in the same time. Sometimes I find it hard too, if I am going to be honest, cause it’s a big machine with a lot of opinions.

What are some of the things new designers should expect from working for a larger brand as a contributing designer?

That it’s about numbers…

Here are a few looks created for the fashion line You can find a full portfolio of the line on under fashion designers gallery & portfolio’s.


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