Blackberry Vine brand speaks for the black community


Today the Hangerworthy blog “Tell us your story” presents Blackberry Vine. A clothing line created to help speak for the black community.

We reached out because we saw the positive message and effort and wanted to help promote it. Far too often people see someone/people making an effort for the community and only want to get involved when it’s proven. Our goal is to help give peoples efforts a voice and shine a light on the difference that they’re making.

Now that we’ve covered the path to the article. Let’s dig into the details…

What inspired you to create your clothing line/brand?

I was inspired by the love for my people to start Blackberry Vine. I felt that it was very important to put positive Black imagery back into the Black community. Additionally, I felt that it was important to educate those unaware of our history in the process.

What is your message? What do you want people to see when they look at your designs?

Blackberry Vine was created to preserve the Black narrative and curtail cultural misappropriations by promoting the empowerment of the Black aesthetic on its merchandise. We seek to positively redefine the stereotypical expectations presented in societal norms by encouraging equality and equipping individuals to unify and positively change the world around them.

When people look at our designs I want them to see a company actively trying to unify the Black community one thread at a time.

Where can your clothes/designs be found? Do you market & sell yourself or work through partners? (boutiques and online stores)

Currently, Blackberry Vine clothing can only be purchased online at

Do you display your brand/designs at any shows or events? If so do you have any upcoming shows or events?

We are a fairly new company and have not had the opportunity to collaborate much but we are definitely actively looking to do so moving forward.

Are you currently working on a new line or designs?

We are currently gearing up to release a black empowerment pack for Black Friday. It will consist of 4 Black Empowerment sweatshirts for $100.00

Final thoughts… What would you like to convey to potential customers reading this article/interview?

To potential customers, I would just like them to know that we are more than a clothing company. We are community centered and a portion of our proceeds are used for scholarship opportunities as well as community events. If you’re shopping Blackberry Vine, it’s a brand you can feel comfortable spending your money with.

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