Brava! Chelsea Bravo

Chelsea Bravo the Brooklyn born fashion designer is an inspiration. Who doesn’t love a story of someone setting their sights on a dream and following through on it? The path is equally inspiring as she moved to London at the age of two with her father who is a London native and mother who grew up and met in New York city.

The Path of Chelsea The Designer

By the age of 8 Chelsea already knew she had an interest in fashion.  Establishing a personal style through clothing as a way of self-expression. Seeing her passion for fashion her Mother pointed out that she could take it further and make a career of it. Point her in the direction of studying fashion at a University. As she progressed through school she decided to do exactly that by choosing textiles and continued on through six form and then finally getting her fashion design degree.

‘Soft Armour’ was her final major project in her final year. Chelsea produced a collection of six outfits. Her inspiration came from of her own experiences of love. Pulling from the emotions and feelings of relationships. Looking into the idea of attacking the male ego. Looking at it from the beginning of a relationship. The process of how that develops through the process of falling in love.

Womenswear being a crowded field Chelsea sought out menswear and a draping style to start. Smart choice because it clearly helped Chelsea stand out and give a different spin to menswear at the time. Gaining inspiration from the working and creating style of Rei Kawakubo. Chelsea paid homage by posting quotes that inspired her. Rei Kawakubo the designer behind Comme des Garçon was known for presenting a word to her pattern cutters as inspiration and allowing them to create garments based on what it meant to them on the mannequin from there.  Also finding inspiration in designers like Yohji Yamamoto & Damir Doma as they’re designers that revolutionized the industry.

The Designer, The Collections, & The Milestones

As a designer Chelsea seeks to push the boundaries in terms of contemporary menswear but knows where to draw the line. Making a point to still make sure the designs are practical and functional in a way that allows me to stand out but still be able to be comfortable wearing her designs. Highlighting people that can appreciate design and the understand the work behind it. Listing people like Andre3000, Yasin Bey & Pharrell Williams and Kanye as people she could see wanted to dress and appreciating her clothing. Realistically anyone can wear her clothes they just have to appreciate standing out.

10yrs years ago Chelsea graduated from the University of The Creative Arts. Seeking to continue on in gaining her experience in Fashion. She interned with menswear designers. Getting her start with Christopher Shannon and Martine Rose. Putting in the time and the effort of any eager intern. It was there that Chelsea decided on her way home from a late night of work that she wanted to branch out on her own. Anyone that’s taken the step knows just how brave and scary that can be.

Chelsea went on to found her eponymous menswear label in 2013. Receiving great feedback and following for her Spring/Summer collection. ‘Dysfunction’ was acknowledged by Okay Africa and Fucking Young magazine.

In 2014 Chelsea reached another milestone by holding her first presentation during London collections. ‘Concourse’ sought out to recreate the experience of viewing art in a museum or gallery through garments. For those of us that love fashion and style we see the art in it so makes sense to present it to the mind’s eye in artistic environment.

British Fashion Council’s Emerging Designer Showrooms invited Chelsea to take part in displaying her brand in 2015. Another great milestone by taking part in two consecutive seasons. Chelsea was also interviewed and featured in Womenswear Streetstyle Photography book. Thanks to being selected by Squarespace to be participate in the 2016 “You Should” campaign.

Since Chelsea Bravo has coming full circle by setting up shop back in Brooklyn, New York. You can find her collections of Womenswear and Menswear as a made-to-order in-house fashion experience. Considered creative, contemporary, and cool. Always looks to bring new ideas to the table and have fun with it. Chelsea looks to inspire people to look beyond what’s currently in the market and out there and look beyond it. See it as an opportunity to give it your voice to the industry in a way that it hasn’t been used before.

Brava! Chelsea Bravo

As a lover of fashion and creativity. Hangerworthy is a fan of your work and applaud all of your accomplishments. Promoting fashion designers that deserve more shine is something that we take great pleasure in and Chelsea is definitely on the list. You can shop via her website. ChelseaBravo and follow her on Instagram. Chelsea also welcomes her visitors into her life, creativity and wonderful outlook by sharing journal posts. Worth reading if you’re looking for positive vibes and  a Zen type mentality.

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