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If You Build It They Will Come

How many people are actually aware that you can go to school to learn the art of designing jeans? Established in 2012 Jean school the house of denim opened its door to students. The experience and education provide students with opportunities all over the world. Based out of Amsterdam this is an experience that can help set you on your way as a denim designer.

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Whether you’re looking to start your own denim design line or become a designer under a larger umbrella. It is experience that if you ask the students is a definite game changer. What a great thing to add to your resume when reaching out to designers for job opportunities.

Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit?

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Let’s talk denim designers who look to start their own line. You can look at the young upstart Vince Hale. 18-year-old fashion designer who opened his own store in March. Reece Maede started with its pop-up store. Amsterdam is known for its pop-up stores and people taking their shot at being discovered. In this case he was able to land an A location. Where you can find 70 different trousers, shirts, and jackets. Every piece is unique. As it is comprised of discarded and processed denim.

Fashion Designer Resume Building

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If the risk vs reward isn’t for you. Let’s circle back to the option of taking your talents to more established designers and joining their ranks. Aspiring to make your mark within safer confines. As a denim designer making a name for yourself by establishing a line within their brand. Talk about a resume builder. People could be wearing your denim design while you’re interviewing with them.

Amsterdam Is A Denim Design Hot Spot

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Amsterdam is known for many things. Denim brands should also register high on the list for fashion designers and fashion lovers. G-Star RAW, Denham, KOI & Scotch & Soda to name just a few. Head offices setup for Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein as well. It is easy to see why future designers flock to it to learn and take their shot at denim design.

Jean School for Fashion Designers

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There’s definitely plenty of ways to learn. Few have the same gravitas as enrolling with Denim City. Which has a summer school session coming up in August. It’s the exposure and networking opportunities that help people excel in so many fields. Why wouldn’t fashion be on that list? If denim is your thing and you have the means. Why not Jean School? It could be a great option for you to help launch your career in fashion design.

Here at HangerWorthy our appreciation for denim with our latest addition to the blog. Stay tuned for more denim lovers.

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