Fashion Stylist, Influencer & Blogger Tamar Tzubeli

Fashion Stylist, Influencer & Blogger Tamar Tzubeli

One of the thing we love most about launching our blog is that we run across so many people doing great things. We created the blog and website to promote fashion designers, brands and influencers. The goal is to inspire people interested in pursuing fashion as a career. In addition to helping people find their way through today’s fashions to what works for them.

Along the way we run across people like Tamar Tzubeli also known as Fashionbytamar to her social media followers. Tamar provides stylish looks for those with more conservative goals. In Tamar’s case it’s for religious reasons which we admire that much more. Far too often people feel/are limited in fashion by their beliefs and restrictions. Tamar is providing options that are fashion forward and stylish that don’t make a woman feel limited. What’s not to love about that…

We love her color and pattern choices to name a couple of things right off the top. Vibrant, chic and eye catching looks that don’t require the less is more mentality. Modest and yet stylish is something we love about her fashion choices and what she helps women from all walks of life to find. Each outfit presented is carefully thought out despite the effortless way it looks to flow from post to post. The detail in the accessories and the layering stand out as much as the overall look. Tamar has a stylists’ eye and a fashionista’s taste for clothing.

It’s not just limited to outfits and clothing accessories. There’s a message and inspiration given along the way for those aspiring to find their own platform and way in the fashion world. Which in our book makes her one heck of an influencer. A word that’s thrown around a little too freely these days. While it takes style to pick out outfits to post. It takes so much more to be a positive influence and influencer in the fashion world. We would like to thank her for all her efforts in making the day that much more interesting and beautiful while providing a message and inspiration along the way.

The outfits being worn aren’t just stylish and chic but affordable. Which is something we can all appreciate. While you’ll see Dolce & Gabbana you’ll also see designers that are reasonably priced and equally as stylish. Promoting up and coming designers is just as important as promoting and building your own brand. It’s these types of collaborations that make the next “must have” designers in your closet. Designers from fashions hubs to less known but not lacking in talent. This is what we love about fashion if you’ve got an eye and the skills to put together a great line. You have a chance to touch a lot of lives well beyond how great you can make them look in an outfit.

Tamar takes the “Influencer” title to heart and is aware of the extended reach that her posts may have across social media. Making the most of it by going beyond fashion and building up the confidence and helping to identify styles for those looking to find their niche. Finding what works for you is important. Same as the need to change your look and your life. Fashion is like having a best friend that builds you up whenever you’re feeling down or simply just need a hug and someone to listen. Next time you open your closet and run your fingers across your wardrobe think of all the people that influenced you along the way. Who knows Tamar Tzubeli may be one of them.

Follow Tamar on her Instagram account Fashionbytamar, Tamar Tzubeli on Pinterest & YouTube. Definitely someone you want to keep add to your list of people to follow for fashion. If you’re in Miami you may be fortunate enough to get to try out her personal shopper skills…

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