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We begin our Fashion Stylists blog series. Where we talk about some of our favorite fashion stylists. It takes a keen eye and a true sense of style to not only dress yourself but others for photoshoots, events and occasions. You have to be able to not just see them in the outfit and ensemble but know how to make it work for all the situations that may follow. That’s a skillset and that’s why their services come in high demand.

Today we start our series with someone that we think does so much more than pick out clothes for her clients and photo shoots. Erica Matthews is a celebrated fashion stylist who’s been published in well known publications. In addition to serving as a fashion editor. She also is a fashion blogger, mentor and content creator. Entrepreneur and influencer. Talk about having a lot on your plate but handling it with grace.

We picked out Erica to start our series because she’s one of the few that we see actually teaching people the trade. If you’re not familiar with her or not following her on YouTube we suggest you check out her channel. Especially if you’re someone interested in learning about the craft.

Erica has taken the time to walk through some of the essentials several series that would not only benefit you but your career. Which includes 10 main things needed to become a successful fashion stylist. How to build your portfolio as fashion stylist. How to get published as a fashion stylist and the lovely list goes on and on. We’re big fans of those that look to give back and encourage others to follow their passion. Erica is on that list and we thank her for her efforts. While on her channel and watching the videos don’t forget to subscribe and reach out to find out more about workshops.

We see Erica as the very definition of a Boss. She’s hungry, enthusiastic and always well informed. That’s a recipe for success. Don’t take our word for it check out her credentials. When she’s not getting serving as a fashion editor with Black Hair magazine. She’s running workshops for people that want to become stylists and mentoring people. Maintaining her blog and vlog along. Staying on top of trends and brands at shows. Providing hair and beauty review and tips. Lifestyle insights with food and recipe reviews, travel as well as health & well-being posts and information. If that’s not enough to get you winded just thinking about trying to keep up with the pace. Maybe you’re meant to be a boss as well.

The thing is you can’t teach hunger. You either have it and are ready to take on the world or you’re an employee who’s putting in the hours to help make other peoples dreams a reality. Which isn’t a knock it’s a know yourself and live your best life type of realization.

One of the quotes on her Ericafmstyle Instagram account pretty much sums it up. “By the time they decide to support you, they will have to book you.” That’s the confidence and self-motivation that breeds success. Which is one of the reasons we see her as a great mentor for those looking to follow their passions.  Whether it’s “Girl Power” or simply power that you seek she’s a winner to keep an eye on. Authentic, empowered and her energy is infectious. Hard to see someone hustle this hard and still say I’ll get to it tomorrow. 

Now let’s get back to her keen eye and the clothes and outfits that she pulls from brands as a fashion stylist. Her editorials and photo-shoots stand out and it’s not just because of the models or the products. Her perspective and ability to bring it all together is key to making it memorable. One of the things that keep people looking for opportunities to partner with her on projects. The colors, the cuts, the choices all stand out in her projects. They stand out as someone who loves what they do and not just because they’re great at it.

There’s a saying ‘You gotta go through it, to get to it’ ~Bobby Womack. Erica has put in the time and the effort and it shows. There is no real short cut pass experience. You amass it, you learn from it and you benefit from it. Every curve that’s thrown her way that she is able to stylishly and gracefully manage is worth it. You’ll know how she got there in her vlogs where she talks about being organized and the energy it takes. The preparation and the effort. The glamour and the accolades come later.

It’s more than just picking out outfits and loving to shop. Don’t let the simplicity of the posts that you see online fool you. The successful fashion stylists put in the work. They identified their goals. They built out their network and contacts database. They’re delivering and building themselves a reputation as someone that’s dependable and that doesn’t fold under pressure. Whether it be the short turnaround time for a shoot or the diva that throws a fit in front of or behind the camera. Don’t let anyone tell you all a fashion stylist does is shop and pick out clothes for people to wear.  

We see all of the above and more in Erica Matthews and her work. Which makes this article, this stylist the perfect place to have started our series. Check out Erica Matthews on Instagram, YouTube or go directly to her website. We are fans of her work and her work ethic. She’s a boss if we’ve ever seen one…

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