GOS Watches a bit of the past keeping you on time for your future

GOS Watches a bit of the past keeping you on time for your future

GOS Watch designers Johan Gustafsson and Patrik Sjögren have been making quality time pieces for watch lovers all over the world. Scandinavian craft tradition is something they bonded on and have a mutual respect of in their crafts. The two met in 2007. Safe to say it’s been a productive pairing of mind and skill sets. 

Scandinavian nature and history are a key sources of inspiration when Patrik and Johan designs the elements of the GoS watches. Taking the Viking past and added pieces into their watches from decoration patterns to dials and other parts. One key piece to their watches and tie in to Scandinavian history would be the use of Damascus steel. 

The process of handforging Damascus steel results in every forged piece containing patterns with a different character and personality. This means that every GoS watch is truly one of a kind and a piece of art.


GoS also offers uniquely customized handcrafted watches in addition to the existing models. Customers can request patterns and colors based on the broad range of Damascus techniques shown in Johan Gustafsson´s knife production and previous GoS watches. There are no two patterns exactly the same so you truly are getting a unique timepiece.

Patrik Sjögren graduated from the Swedish watchmaker school in 2007 having received an award and a medal for high grades and as one of the best in his class. Having achieved both Swedish and Swiss Wostep watchmaker certificates, he was also granted a scholarship resulting in a Breitling certificate.  Patrik Sjögren has a reputation for being a skilled watchmaker. One that has earned the praises of timepiece lovers worldwide. Watch lovers tend to be drawn in by several things. On the surface the appearance and the brand. Plenty of people who will buy a watch because they saw it on someone else’s arm or it’s a popular brand. Aficionados the love runs deeper. Timepiece lovers fall for the detail and precision. The inner workings that make such a small piece so intricate and worth every penny. I’ll take the attention to detail and the personal touch over the assembly line any day.

Patrik Sjögren manufactures not only the crowns, dials and dial components but also the watch hands and movement parts. Every part is then finished by Patrik to his own high requirements which means that at least one work day is spent on the finishing of a set of watch hands alone. The finishing of one damascus steel bridge takes at least one full week to perform as it is very labor intensive. The resulting combination of raw damascus steel surfaces and the highgloss polished details is another unique feature of the GoS watches.



GoS watches are based on high quality Swiss mechanical movements, which are available in different variations, with the Damascus steel modifications being the most exclusive option. The care and attention to detail and effort that can go into the smallest piece is a standout for us when it comes to timepieces. From the crowns to the handmade watch straps made with Scandinavian Elk Leather/Moose. Even the boxes are of quality and come with a quality finish. 

Recognized and acknowledged through newspaper articles like The New York times, Private Wealth magazine (The German magazine Private Wealth is a magazine being read only by high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs published in the German-speaking world). Carried by top tier retailers all over the world GOS Watches are one to watch pun intended. 




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