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One of the things we like to look for are the designers that bring life to their work. Grafea has a way of doing that through their designs and color choices. They provide a variety of bags to select from when looking for what works for you. Made with leather. The more durable fabric of the satchels & backpacks out there on the market. Give me stylish and durable and I’m a happy customer.

Ladies whether you’re feeling full on girly or you’re looking for something pretty but more conservative. Grafea has a selection that works within a nice range of options. Maybe for going to school and you want something to stand out from the rest of the backpacks in the crowd. Safe to say you can find a color that will work for you.

If you’re looking for something more professional that you can carry to the office they’ve got you covered as well. Go traditional or with a prettier floral print. Big enough to carry what you need but not so overwhelming that you have no place to put it when you arrive. Walking around looking like you’re carrying a brick is no way to live. Find something that is comfortable but you can still slide your work laptop down into stylishly.

How often does it look great in the store and with what you’re wearing but you get home and have something you can only use on certain occasions? If you’re stuck on ‘what you could wear it with and where would I use it?’ They’ve also go you covered. Providing some outfit of the day looks to help inspire you with all the ways to work it. There are times that’s the difference between a purchase and walking away.

Enough of our opinion. Let’s tell you some things about the company and what inspires their products. Grafea goes beyond women’s bags and also has men’s as well. For the purpose of this blog post we’re concentrating on women’s bags.

The story begins when our founder Hari landed in the artistic hub of Manchester,
England as an aspiring musician. In her spare time she hunted for vintage accessories
and clothing, some thing she had always loved.
One of her earliest memories is dressing up
with her mother’s vintage collection of bags. It was like a treasure hunt and one requires
a discerning eye to see the special amid all the junk.

Gradually buying and selling vintage items became a full time job in itself.
But she found herself wanting something more. To create something special rather than
just search for that one thing in the jumbles of all the unwanted.
One day she found herself admiring the style, quality and workmanship
of a vintage satchel and wondering why they were only in flea markets and charity shops.
Was it possible to create a beautiful leather bag, that someone else could appreciate in say
60 or 70 years time? So in 2005 Hari decided to take the plunge and start a leather satchel line herself.
Wanting to capture the individuality and uniqueness of artists every where, the brand was named Grafea after the Greek translation for writer. The Grafea logo embodies this artistic creativity and was designed to replicate an ancient scroll from history, the canvas for writers to carve their art.
In 2005 Grafea was born and the mission to create high quality designer bags had commenced,
blending British traditional high quality craftsmanship with the best full grain leather materials.
The finest colours were sourced in rich caramel, antique brown, retro white and black which
would become even more gorgeous with age.
The idea was to make something that would be beautiful and durable. The designs are infused with new enthusiasm for the effortless chic, cool elegance and timeless quality that the originals inspire. Grafea is proud to be part of the renaissance leather experience and we want to carry this forward with a nod to the future of high craftsmanship and lasting quality.
What Grafea is now, and what it is growing into, has its roots in the market stalls of Manchester,
in boxes of black and white photographs, estate jewelry, vinyl records and old leather trunks.
It’s future is a piece of something special in someones hands.
Several years later Grafea is sold across the world from Hollywood and Harrods to the Far East and Australia. We continue to make leather bags from the beautiful leather, influenced by a classic British Vintage style. 
You can check out the selection of bags and accessories at Follow them on instagram
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