Interview with Bensouv Fashion Designer pt. 2

Now that we’ve covered the path that it took for you to get here. We would love to find out more about what you’re doing currently and what your future plans are as a Fashion designer.

You’ve launched your own clothing line Bensouv. Congratulations on rolling out your line and the launch of your website.

  • What would you like people to know about your clothing line? What inspired the line?

Bensouv sets itself apart with its ingenious way of working with imagination to attain what it is his clients are looking for.

  • What can we expect to see from you as a fashion designer?

Passion… I’m driven to achieve excellence in the work that I deliver

Are you putting more of a concentration on Europe right now? Or have you started branching out to other areas like the United States?

The site can reach the world so it’s not about putting a concentration on a specific area.

We want our readers to know more about where they can find and purchase your clothing line.

  • Are you partnering with any stores for distribution? Or is it going to be all online and through your website?

Online through the website will be the best way to follow and make a purchase.

We had a chance to see your YouTube video with the excerpts from your runway show

  • Was that your official launch? It looked like your team was having a great time and it went well.

It was a collection I made during my internship and I arranged myself to show it in one of the dopest church in Amsterdam

  • Can we expect to see more of you posting your runway shows online?

Not soon, you’ll see the items I have been designing for Tommy from November and forth.

We’re familiar with your Instagram account

  • What’s the best way for the people who love your work to follow you?

Instagram is the best tool to stay connected with what I am doing and of course my website too,

Tell us more about what you have coming up. What’s next for you?

  • Do you have any upcoming events that our readers should add to their calendars?

I have some projects, but can’t share them yet we’re in the beginning of it.

  • Are you currently working on your next clothing line?

No I am not, I am designing exclusively for Tommy Jeans.

  • Are there any upcoming collaborations or partnerships?

Nope, it’s Tommy all the way.

Final thoughts:

We really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us and sharing your insights. As we close out this interview we would like to leave the lasts words with you.

  • Please leave us with your final thoughts. What would you like to leave the readers with that are just finding out about you here in the United States? What would you like readers worldwide to know about Bensouv going forward?

I would like to share that Life will take and give you back, accept it with grace and treat the earth well. These days we need more strong characters that care for other humans and care about our environment. If everybody starts with him- or herself together we’re a big fist and we can move forth. For all the people who’re finding out what they want to do, investigate and try, don’t wait till something is coming your way, search for different ways yourself.

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