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Thank you for taking the time to speak with HangerWorthy. We appreciate your time and have been looking forward to this interview.

We tend to begin at the start and work our way up to the present and future plans.

When preparing for this interview we scrapped the original set of questions once we started researching your business. Your website and story gave a personal feel so we wanted to make some changes to talk about your motivation.

  • What is/was your motivation for creating Mr. Notice Collection?

You mentioned it being a family business. Having members of your family as inspiration and to turn to for advice.

Answer: Definitely a family business. Mr. Notice is named after my father. He died of cancer 10 years ago. I admired him so much and loved the way he looked in suit. My husband was also an inspiration for the company. when I started to learn how to crochet he asked me to make him a boutonniere and I wasn’t even sure what it was, and I then turned it into a business. My husband designed the logo and takes most of the pictures, my brother in law built and runs the website, my aunt helps with the technical business aspect such as taxes, laws, etc and my cousin worked in fashion for over 20 years so I go to her for a lot of advise.

  • How important do you find having the support of your family when starting your business?

Answer: Starting a business is terrifying and daunting and there are so many days when you want to quit. Family support is EVERYTHING! My sister and brother-in law have really cheered me through, but my husband has been my rock. He helps me refocus and think strategically. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the small stuff, and you need someone to help you refocus.  He helps me brainstorm and come up with strategies. He also helps me with colors and patterns.

One of the things that stood out was that you make products for stylish men to add to their existing wardrobes. That’s an interesting spin on what you see most clothing designers and brands normally do.

  • What made you decide to put a concentration on accessories for men as a business?

Specifically supplying stylish men with an opportunity to add to their existing wardrobe. As a consumer I love the idea. Sure I will swap out a suit or pieces in my closet but for the most part I’m adding finishing touches. Which also makes for a nice gift for those who are looking to buy something for a stylish man.

Answer: It happened so organically. I was making them for my husband and then it just hit me.  Men are getting more and more stylish and caring a lot about their appearance. I think that it’s all about the details. You can wear the same suit 3 times in a row, but it can look different every time if you switch up the accessories.

Starting a business can be scary but very rewarding. There are so many people with skills that they could benefit from sharing with the world.

  • What advice would you give to someone reading this interview? Someone that’s either just starting out or still in the phase of not believing it’s something that they can do?

Answer: Start and don’t stop. Watch motivational videos, read stories about people who made it. Get it in your head that it can be done, and that you can do it.  It’s natural to feel like it’s not going to work, but you reap what you sew. Stay consistent.  Never stop learning because there is so much information out there, and the answer to your problem is just one YouTube video away. Be grateful for every opportunity. Celebrate every win, even if it’s really small.

One of the other parts of the business side is building your brand. All the effort that goes into getting your name and product out there.

  • What would you say you’ve found helpful in building your brand?

Answer: I’m still building my brand. But being active on social media helps. Sometimes after you finish something big, like building a website, you expect people to come running to you. But that’s when the real work truly begins. Right now I’m working on collaborating and creating content that I think my customers will value.

There’s social media accounts and building websites. It can seem like a lot to take on for someone that doesn’t know a lot about the online world.

  • Did you see it as a deterrent or was it something you were ready to tackle once you decided to launch your business?

Answer: I’m the type of person that believes that any skill can be learned with the right amount of time, effort or delegation.  I would literally watch 100s of youtube videos about photoshop or video editing, pause the video and do what they said just to achieve what I wanted. When it came to building my website, it took so long because it was a lot of trial and error. For more technical things, like coding, I am fortunate to have friends and family to help. Sometimes I still get overwhelmed, but then I take a deep breath and continue.  I try to keep up with the latest social media trends by listening to podcast and watching YouTube videos because the game is always changing on social media and if you’re not up to date then your efforts are futile.

We appreciate you walking through some of the behind the scenes portion of what it takes to run a successful business. While we have readers who are all about the fashion. We also like to inspire others to find their way to what’s next for them.


Let’s talk accessories and the stylish men that you’re looking to reach with your collection.

  • Who is your audience? Who is Mr. Notice?

Answer: Mr. Notice is focused and driven. He knows who he is and what he wants. He handles his responsibilities. It represents the man who made it through hard work and hustle and the man who is still hustling to achieve his dream. He is detail oriented and cares about his appearance, his mind, his soul, his health.

You were inspired by some of the men in your life, your family and experiences.

  • Who would you like to be able to reach?

Answer: Men who are living in and on purpose. Men who are intentional about who they are what they want to become. Men who want to get noticed in every aspect of their lives. From the way they look, to how they take care of their bodies, to who they’re with.

You have a variety of accessories on your site. Ranging from pocket squares & lapel flowers to bracelets and cufflinks.

  • What are your biggest sellers?

Answer: The lapel flowers and bracelets are my biggest sellers.

  • Will you be expanding your collection as your business grows?

Answer: I do hope to expand the collection into other accessories as well as well as promotional products for the brand such as t shirts, caps, and hoodies.

On your website you also have the Mr. Notice Collection blog.

  • What are some of the things that people can expect to learn on your blog?

Answer: My blog is about tips to get you noticed. So it ranges from style advice such as  How to always look good, to lifestyle advice such as how to  stay motivated, to relationship advice such as how to flirt. I believe that if you’re intentional about every aspect of your life, then you will get noticed and win.


  • Who are the people that would benefit from following your blog?

Answer: I think anyone can benefit.  There is always room to grow and learn. And some of my blogs are based on personal experience so it‘s not something that you will find on other blogs.


  • Would you say it’s an extension of your collection and meant for stylish men?

Answer: Yes, you can find style tips featured in the blog,  but it deals with a lot more than style. I want to help men in every aspect of life.


You’ve got the website, Instagram and Facebook.

  • What is the best way for people that want to find out more about you and your collection to stay up to date?

I think I am more active on Instagram than any other platform, but I try to keep everything up to date.

Well this brings us to what’s next for Mr. Notice Collection.

  • Do you have any upcoming events, sales, or collaborations?

I’m in the process of finding bloggers to collaborate with, which I’m really excited about. If you spend $50.00 or more you always get free shipping. And there will be some holiday sales coming up.


  • Any articles or post that we should look out for that will be highlighting your collection?

Answer: Yes! We are coming up with a new YouTube video series entitled The Man To Notice where we feature men who are living in purpose, had to overcome some serious obstacles and are grinding to reaching their goals. We will start in January 2018

Final thoughts:

What would you like to leave the readers with as your final thoughts?

Every big accomplishment started as an idea. Anything is possible when you stop complaining and making excuses and instead look for solutions.  Live in purpose, live on purpose and get noticed.

Be sure to look out for us on social media. Instagram @mr_notice_collection, and twitter @mrnoticecollect


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