Regal Star Business Interview

Regal Star Apparel Business Interview

One of the first things we like to start within our interviews is the inspiration behind your business. What inspired you to start Regal Star Apparel? How did you decide on the name? Is there a story there?

Fashion has always been a passion of mine since high school. Every year when I would go to school shopping for clothes, I would be somewhat dissatisfied with the style of clothing popular at the time. I also noticed that many of my peers were “keeping up with the Joneses”, spending a ridiculous amount of money on high fashion brands to impress unimportant people. I wanted to create a brand that represented people who were tired of being ridiculed for their fashion sense and being made to feel insecure about the clothes they wore. My clothing would represent strength and be proud of who you are and what you like, regardless of what outside influences may think. Since these are some of the values I wanted my clothing brand to embody, the only name I thought that could capture the meaning is Regal Star. Regal means dignified and strength. And as a star shines bright in the night sky, so should the individuals that wear my clothes. As the saying goes, “Why blend in, when you were born to stand out?”

In our conversations, we’ve discussed how you’ve taken on this journey of entrepreneurship by yourself. Can you talk about how that’s been and the challenges you find in starting your own clothing line?

Hard work, dedication, consistency, and patience are some of the qualities every entrepreneur must-have. One of my biggest challenges has been staying consistent and being patient on this road to success. When you’re building a business, It is important to remind yourself that you must fall in love with the process and that the success you’re after is not going to happen overnight. It takes years of hard work, patience, and perseverance to make your dreams come true. As long as you’re doing something every day toward reaching your goals, you will be on the right track and the success will come to you. Besides that, the journey of being an entrepreneur has been fun, and quite interesting to say the least.

One of your company slogans that stands out is “Crown Yourself”. Can you talk about what you mean by that and who you want to hear that message?

“Crown Yourself” simply means to embrace your individuality regardless of your flaws. Everything you went through in your life, whether good or bad, has led you to become the person you are right now. “Crown Yourself” means totally accepting yourself and owning who are, not allowing outside influences or negative people to dictate your decisions or alter the way you want to live your life. I think if we all crowned ourselves, the world would be a better place.

Who is your audience? Who do you want to be able to reach with Regal Star Apparel?

Over the years, I’ve gathered that my target market was mostly 18-34-year-old men and women, mainly of African-American and Hispanic demographic. However, Regal Star is a people’s brand and we make clothing for everyone.

One of the challenges in establishing yourself as an apparel brand is being accessible. Online and in-stores. Can you tell us about what you’re doing to be able to help build your brand and make sure people know what it’s all about? I imagine it’s tough to be able to get in stores without being established. How is that going and what can people interested in seeing a brother accomplish his goal do to help?

Recently, I’ve been participating in pop-up shops across New York City. I figured that it would be a great way to generate sales and gain exposure for the brand at a higher volume. I’ve also been doing a photoshoot with Instagram models and willing participants and utilizing social media to market the brand. So far it has been challenging, but this is my passion and I do not plan on giving up on my dream. Soon, I plan on holding my own events around the city, including but not limited to, fashion shows, pop-up shops, launch parties, and more. I think that would take promotion and advertising for my brand to the next level. Anyone interested in helping me grow can visit our website www.regalstaronline.com and place your order for some fly clothing. They can also follow me on Instagram @regalstarapparel

Your clothing is more than just about looking good. Can you tell the readers about the message behind some of the clothing in your line and what you want them to know about it?

Two of the most important messages I want the readers to know is that do what makes them happy and work hard to make your dreams come true. That’s the concept behind my moon design t-shirt. A young boy is sitting on the moon manifesting his dreams and thinking about what must be done to make them a reality. My most recent design is the boy letting go of a heart balloon with the words Regal Star in stitches and bandaged. The messages behind this particular design are that time heals all wounds and that whatever adversity you may be facing in your life, you can overcome it and there is light at the end of the tunnel. People are going through real hardship and I would like for my brand to represent those that have made it through hard times or going through hardships and looking to overcome.

Do you have any upcoming events or shows that people can attend to be able to show their support? What’s the best way to be able to find out more about your clothing line and when you have new things coming out? What’s the best way right now to stay up to date with Regal Star Apparel?

Right now, I’m focusing on participating in pop-up events where I can get Regal Star’s name out to more people, and planning to execute my own pop-up events, and fashion shows I will continue doing photoshoots with people I think will best represent the brand. To stay up to date with Regal Star Apparel, follow us on social media @regalstarapparel on Instagram and Regal Star Clothing on Facebook. You can also visit our website for any events we will be involved in.

What’s next for Regal Star? What do you have planned apparel wise? What do you want to be able to accomplish on a whole?

Regal Star will continue its rise to becoming one of the biggest streetwear brands in the world. Right now, I am working on releasing my winter collection and Spring 2020 Collection. I’d like for Regal Star to eventually become an affordable luxury brand and accomplish what other brands have been able to accomplish, but better.

Final thoughts. What would you like to be able to leave the readers to take with them when they think about Regal Star Apparel?

To love yourselves, be proud of who you are, follow your passions and dreams, work hard to make your dreams a reality, and never stop doing what makes you happy.


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