Respect the fashion icons. Roberto Zeno sets the bar high


Master Roberto Zeno is an icon that may fly under the radar depending on where you’re located. Those in the know, know his work with precious jewels, handbags & eye wear. Setting the bar and the standard for many designers in the field. Making sure that made in Italy still means something. Hard to not love anyone that takes that kind of pride in their work and tradition of excellence. 

You’ll know you’ve found quality work when you look and feel the handbags. We are big fans of options so we love the styles offered. Roberto Zeno isn’t just putting out accessories. He’s winning awards along the way. Quality work and a passion for fashion is a recipe for success. Add in the sense of style and experience over the years and it’s easy to see why he’s done so well. 

Winning coveted awards and being widely recognized for his contributions in fashion. Master Roberto Zeno continues to receive recognition, designer of high fashion and precious, recognized as “excellence in the world” and ambassador of Made in Italy. At the headquarters of the Norman Academy in Miami, he was awarded prizes of excellence for fashion and designers before the entire Academic Senate. Maestro Roberto Zeno received the awards for his talents in creating objects and products appreciated everywhere like the Moro Parfum. The Maestro has received the “Il Normanno International Award”, the “Oscar of Italy – Fashion and Design” and the “Master in the Fashion and Design Arts”. Finally, he was nominated with a presidential decree ad motu proprio, “Goodwill Ambassador”. 

Founded as a design and production center for high-end jewelry by the Italian designer. Roberto Zeno branched out into the fashion accessory world. Why limit your works of art to jewelry when you can become a more regular part of everyday fashion? Quality and excellence in jewelry has lead to the same attention to detail in his accessories.

Whether it’s the handbags, or eye wear rest assured you’re getting a quality product with that traditional Made in Italy styling and care. Eye wear looks that range from traditional to those that are more for the individuals that are looking to stand out stylishly. Cat eye frames to more conservative, and then more of the classic glamour shades that you’d expect from a high end designer. Roberto Zeno is far from a “jack of all trades and master of none”. Safe to say he’s making his mark in accessories as well. 


If you haven’t heard of Roberto Zeno. It’s a good time to broaden your scope and let a bit of the Roberto Zeno Brand shine through. Taking it back to times when made in Italy said quality, luxury and style. A triple threat is what you want to feel like when stylishly putting the world on notice that you’ve arrived. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand these days. Take it beyond your flashing your sense of style on Instagram, and social media posts to being just as polished in person. 

We’re always on the search for designers that inspire and show the results of the hard work and consistent excellence. Today we celebrate Roberto Zeno on Hanger Worthy. You can follow Roberto Zeno on instagram or you can shop directly from the website.


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