Shekudo Footwear & Accessories

The Origins and Path to Nigeria

Shekudo is a footwear and accessories brand with its production in Lagos, Nigeria. Originally founded in Sydney Australia it began as a women’s clothing brand. Providing clothing with a wearable art aesthetic.

Shekudo name is a blend of the two founders Shetu Bimpong & Akudo Iheakanwa. However, the brand is now under the sole creative direction of Akudo Iheakanwa.

The team has grown from 4 to 14 artisans and master craftsmen in a little over a year. A desire to create beautiful clothes for women using bold prints and contemporary silhouettes.

Why Make the Move and What Are The Benefits?

In transitioning over to a more niche focus and location. It was a strategic move due to the saturation of the womenswear industry. Making the move to focus on shoes and accessories just made sense. The hope is to shed light on the local artisan and craftmanship mixed with age-old techniques.

One of the benefits of changing locations is the ability to source raw local materials for more sustainable wear. Looking to make less of an imprint on the world by using things as recycled insoles as well as the upper and lining fabric for the shoes. You’ll notice that the Aso Oke/Adwete cloth for its shoe uppers and local cotton for the dust bags as examples. Encompassing the 500+-year-old story behind it. You can comfortably shop know that the brand takes pride in being a socially responsible label. Offering a Nigeria wide discount for its residents.

The Entrepreneur, The Mission, & The Shine

Shekudo is Seeking to establish a global Shekudo sisterhood. One that promotes empowerment, caring, and the celebration of women across the globe. Although they are mindful to be very selective with whom they partner with so as not to dilute the brand.

As business owners one of the key things they’ve learned along the way. Adjusting to learning why things are done the way there are and respecting that everyone has their way. The goal is to meet in the middle and find common ground. Every hiccup is a lesson and an opportunity. Owning your own business you learn patience and acceptance of the process.

A goal for the company is to bring in more women for training and build up the experience in the industry. The thought by many in the industry is that women aren’t going to be very good at certain aspects of the work. Shekudo is looking to change that perception.

The brand continues to build in notoriety getting mentions in magazines such as Vogue, Nataal, Grazia, as well as The Zoe Report, and TL Magazine. In addition to many more raving about the design and craftsmanship of the shoes and accessories. We look to play our part in shining light, not just on the fashion but the women empowerment message behind Shekudo. You can follow and find out more about Shekudo by visiting their website and or following on Instagram.

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