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Tell us your story was created to serve as motivation to all the people out there who aspire to be the best at their craft. It’s an opportunity for people to read about others that have gone through the struggles of starting and have made their way to success. The scale is less important as the journey. The journey speaks to the struggles and the steps taken to overcome them.

There are those that are out there looking for what’s next. People with talents they don’t consider talents because it’s been with them their whole lives. Skill sets they apply in their lives but haven’t considered the fact there could be a market, a calling for that skill set. Tell us your story is meant to talk to those people.

We want you to know you don’t have to put limits on your skills and talents. If you’re great at putting making your own clothes or putting outfits together. Take it a step further maybe you’ve done it for others and they always talk about how much they love it but you never thought about sharing that skill or talent.

Maybe you don’t have the time or inclination to go to fashion school. Self taught doesn’t automatically means flawed. You could just be naturally gifted. The certifications may say you can do it and open the doors for the places you’d share that skill. It doesn’t mean that you’re less for not having it. It just means you have to be more creative with how you go about finding ways to share it with the world.

Tell us your story isn’t just meant for the fashion designer or clothing brand. Your talent could be your writing and your ability to articulate the skills of others in a way that they cannot. You could be a blogger or influencer. The people who get the word out for those that could have missed it. There is a place and purpose for us all and more than not it’s a matter of having an opportunity, a chance to do something with it.

Follow your passions and you find your purpose… It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom at home and your job is the most important. Keeping the family together and lifting the spirits of those that went out to earn the money to pay the bills. You can write about your passions. You can contribute in ways beyond what’s right in front of you. There are people out there that have similar situations that are in need of hearing that they’re not the only one.

The difference you can make by telling your story goes beyond measure. If you’re a well known clothing line or brand that’s great. We would love to share your story. If you’re a fashion designer or stylist that does fashion shows and events. Wonderful we’re hear to help promote you. The scale of your accomplishments don’t matter as much as the difference that you can make by sharing your story. By inspiring someone else to say I’m going to follow my dream too. I’m going to take it a step further and not just do this for friends and family. I’m going to step out and make a living doing what I enjoy.

Tell us your story is about sharing the life behind the “no’s”, the doubt, and people not seeing the things that you see. It’s about providing a reminder that if it’s something that you’re passionate about that you can accomplish it. It is having a place to go read an article and get the motivation to move pass the rejection of not getting the job at the premier brand or your first clothing line not being a huge success. It’s about the people who didn’t let it stop them and have either made their success or are on their way to the best response to the doubters in this world. It’s about giving you the keys to be able to respond “I believed I could do it so I did it”. The opportunity to say thank you for the motivation to all those that didn’t believe. There are few things as sweet as an “I told you so” to the list of people that didn’t see your vision and until you put it out there where now that’s all anyone can see.

So tell us your story… It’s not just about your triumph and success. It’s about the path, the struggle and the process. Finding and developing your passions into profit. Identifying your purpose and the beauty of seeing it through.

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