Fashion designers the creators of style & identity

The creator of style & identity

Fashion designers are more than just people who make clothes. They’re the one’s that help people find their style. Find their identity through their clothes and fashion.

That ability to see things that aren’t there and turn them into something that people want to rush out to have for themselves. The creativity & passion that comes along with being a designer is not to be underestimated. It takes vision and ability. It’s one thing to see it in your head. It is quite another to bring it to life.

A fashion designer can be your therapist, your best friend & your confidant. Having a rough day and just want to take your mind off of things. There’s a rack with your name on it somewhere waiting on you. The days you’re not feeling the energy around you or simply not feeling like yourself. Slip into that favorite pair of jeans. Trying to get over a breakup. Put on your I’m putting them in the rear view mirror outfit and head out for a night on the town. One of the best feelings is when you find that designer that simply put feels like they’re making clothes just for you. It suits your style, it fits like non other and it’s up in the air who’s making who look good. Is it you making the outfit look right or is the outfit adding to your shine?

Fashion designers are the creators of style and identity…

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