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Here at HangerWorthy we love fashion and the people that help set the trends and styles that drive it. What we find is even the smallest bit of inspiration can allow a person to put their own twist to it and establish a style of dress that works for them as an individual. After all style is you and fashion is what you make it. Your personality and how you carry it speaks just as much about what you’re wearing and what you chose to put on…

We begin our series on men’s fashion and could not think of a better person to start with than Andreas Weinas. This gentlemen’s, gentlemen of style is more than just a fashion magazine editor. He’s influencing as well as proving to be a fashion icon in his own right. Bold statement I know but when your insights and observations have a ripple affect across the world it lends the credence of the proclamation. You don’t get listed as one of the 10 best dressed and not approach icon status.

Andreas didn’t just pull this style out of thin air. He’s put in the time and research to give his opinion some weight. He studied textile economics in Sweden for three years. Why is that relevant? The short version is the better you understand fabric composition, and purchasing of the right fabric. The better you understand the look that a tailor maybe looking to create. Understanding fashion design, tailoring and what goes into the work is what allows a person to speak on fashion in a more knowledgeable way. Learning textures and patterns along with how well they can be blended together. Those things allow for fashion stylists to know what’s going to work and what’s not before going too far into a trend. Looking at the feasibility of pricing and rolling out in bulk. Things fashion designers find invaluable as they branch out beyond one off pieces and mass produce clothing lines.

The ability to lay out a rule of thumb that helps people make choices for themselves without the need of a higher fashion authority weighing in. Referencing things like the “triangle”. Providing people with a starting point and a perspective to build on outfit to outfit. Mixing and matching patters and textures can be a fine line between trend setter and what were you thinking… Alleviating some of the concerns of stripes with checkered etc. I know some may be reading this and think who’s going that deep down the rabbit hole. The response to that is the people who are deciding what is hanging on the racks before you even get to make the decision on what looks good on you.

The magazines he participates in as an Editor (, are renown for providing great articles on clothing, designers, accessories and guides on styling menswear. Menswear site, for the well-dressed man style guide focusing on quality craftsmanship and classic style with a modern spin on it. Investing in clothing that will last and be part of your wardrobe for years to come. While they are Swedish publications you can easily select to translate it and get the latest updates and insights provided on the websites.

His Instagram account post provide a framework for those that aren’t trying to think that hard. It also provides the inspiration to those that will take a piece or portion and incorporate it into their own style. We see outfit of the day influencers and people that will show what looks good on them. Which is definitely not a knock on anyone. We are visual people and seeing it on someone similar helps to decide if it’s for you or not. Just an observation for those that don’t fit in that box and want to secure their own style and status and someone that dresses well and understands fashion beyond you can go here if you like this outfit. Taking it to the next level of knowing what works for you and why. Which leads into the bespoke experience and selecting and creating your own look/line one outfit at a time.

Andreas Weinas empowers those men that want to venture out into the bespoke world. A guide of the rules but also which ones are personal preference vs which ones were put out there for a reason. Understanding cuts, breaks and weight of trousers to colors to select. Knowing fabrics well enough to know what you can select by eye not just touch. Personally learned the hard way and hold onto those lessons when selecting fabrics for suits and garments. Made to measure is a great way to get quality but something that suits you specifically and the look that you’re going for with your purchase. As a lover of jackets that’s key for me personally. Dress shirts and understanding collars and cuffs etc. Knowing the subtle differences between hand sewn and machine sewn. There’s so many aspects to gain a better understanding of so that you can shine without the label on the inside but the craftsmanship on the outside.

As this is the start of a series we don’t want to give too much away. We’ll end on the note of if you’re someone that has an interest in classic men’s fashion. Andreas Weinas is a good person to take a closer look at as he can definitely get you started down the path of immaculate taste and endless compliments on your style. We look forward to providing more articles and more on the gentlemen’s, gentlemen of style.

You can find Andreas Weinås on Instagram, Fashion Editor for &

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