The Shopping Experience

My mother was a always the responsible one out of her siblings. While being responsible usually means setting limits and being conservative with money. She still had a taste for some style in her life. Her love of shopping even when she came back with nothing.

I’m older now so I understand shopping more than I did as a child. As a child it felt like I was being punished. Dare I say kidnapped from my friends and home.

What I didn’t know then that I know now were all the lessons in life being presented. One of the most important life lessons was how to shop with a woman.

Scenarios ranging from the inevitable questions that can shape and mold so many things. “what do you think?” “Which one do you like?” These are two typical questions to strategically answer. Here’s a tip. The correct response is never going to always be the same answer.

It is also important to know which guy that you want to be. Are you the guy that goes and sits with the other “lifers”? Maybe you’re the guy that tags along but separates and meets up at different stores. Perhaps you’re the guy who follows along and naively wanders into the perils of shopping unwittingly. haha

What kind of person are you going shopping with is an underrated question. Here’s a couple of examples: Are they a looking for a sale shopper? How about a unrealistic shopper? By that I mean shopping beyond their means or level of pulling it off. Don’t knock it there’s also they why bother shoppers. They shop out of necessity not as an expression of personality.

While these seems like simple questions. The ripple effects can be significant. If you’ve gotten this far hear me out. I’ve dated and have friends that are women who have used it as a way of testing men. It can be used in many ways. A veteran knows it can be used for both your advantage and disadvantage.

A subtle one that goes overlooked is what you allow your friends to buy on your watch. The compliments and lack there of are also attached by extension. Back handed to outright questioning someones purchase. The ones that resonate are typically the back handed compliments. Equally as hostile but less confrontational. When done right it’s open to interpretation.

Many a lesson can be learned from shopping. Or at least that’s what I tell myself as someone who finds himself with shoppers in his life that can go all day. As someone who finds people in different situations fascinating and telling. It’s the little things in life.

This will be one of those little things. Welcome to the Hangerworthy blog. Observations, opinions, and style. Shopping will be one of a series of blogs for readers.

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