We Love You Denim


Denim the Staple for Every Closet

One constant you can count on is denim. No matter where you go it’s there. It’s like comfort food for your closet. The best friend that is always by your side. I can go on with the clichés. Dress it up or down. Rough and tumble or simply walking around. Denim is there and will never let you down.

Photo by Daniel Salcius

It’s the sweet spot in the wardrobe of children to adults. When you want to be comfortable you can always throw on a pair of jeans. The phrase ‘throw on a pair of jeans’ alone has so many meanings. Whether trying to keep it on the humble. ‘What this?’ I just threw on some jeans and ran out of the house. Meanwhile those jeans you ‘threw’ on can range from lunch money to down payments. Business casual. Dress it up so that you can head into the office but still feel like you’re in your comfort zone. Add a blazer or jacket and you can still walk in and eat at most places without feeling under dressed. Once again lunch money to down payments. The label tells the tale. So people are a little hesitant to rush to judgement.

Don’t Mess With My Jeans

Don’t take a pair of jeans lightly. It can make or break a friendship and relationship. Dip into someone’s closet and ‘borrow’ their favorite pair of jeans and see what happens. Hot date but not 100 percent sure how you feel about them yet? Throw on a pair of jeans. A favorite pair of denim can be your confidence booster and relationship starter. Exaggeration? I think not. If it’s not true explain the circles and semi circles checking to see how your butt looks in them?

Photo by Chema-Photo

One of the few things in life that you want to let get dirty because it fits better. Urban legend? Hmm… How many times have you been evil eyed and hounded for washing jeans because they were just starting to lay right? It some houses it’s the equivalent of touching a black man’s radio. Let’s not even talk about the sad day you have to let that favorite pair go. The search that begins and the feeling that you just broke up with the one that was near and dear.

A Lasting Relationship with Denim

The relationship with a pair of denim jeans is a long lasting one for sure. Naturally association with comfort. Whether in Gotham or on the farm. Safe to say you’ll never get to far without seeing denim stroll by and the person wearing them. Stepping with a level of confidence of a warrior with a shield. Lob an eye roll or insult and see it bounce off in your favorite pair. We love you denim.

Photo by Mohamed Raad

Careers were made and lost with denim. Searches for a needle in a haystack have been born because of them. Days, weeks, and months total up to a search for the perfect pair.  Of course, this could be just me but somewhere someone will read this and with a knowing laugh or smirk. People can disappoint but denim. You’ve never let me down.

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