Fashion Stylist: When fashion is more than just clothes

Fashion becomes more than just clothes when it defines your style. When it speaks for you without saying a word. It comforts you when you’re not feeling your best. “Fake it until you make it”. When you wake up and your feeling like a bit more shine and can’t walk a block without someone giving you that nod or smile that say’s “I see you”.

The clothes are a means to an end but your style is what sets you apart. You can see someone in the same dress or suit but they simply aren’t rocking it the way that you are or do. Style is your identity. The thing that makes you who you are and puts the world on notice. For some people that’s looking their best whether suited and booted or in jeans and sneakers. It never matter because their style always shines through.

There are times we seek a change a fresh start. That “People think they know me” moment when you switch it up and their jaws drop. You’re only stuck in one mode as long as you want to be. You can always switch it up and keep them guessing. That’s the beauty of fashion. It is what you say it is as long as you believe in it. If you have a bounce in your step and that “If you only knew” attitude. You can pull off whatever you’re feeling.

Fashion is more than just clothes it’s who you are and how you’re feeling in that moment…

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Stylist: When fashion is more than just clothes”

  1. Very true and motivating, fashion goes a long way to define somebody. When you put in your best fashions, it gives you the confidence to face any challenges of the day, it helps you to mingle with great minds as the saying goes , what you wear defines who you’re.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful tips

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